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EU-MASCARA collaborators latest publication in the European Heart Journal: Urinary proteome analysis in...
Monday, Aug 20, 2012
Urinary proteome analysis in hypertensive patients with left ventricular diastolic dysfunction.
Kuznetsova T, Mischak H, Mullen W, Staessen JA.

Although heart failure (HF) is a very common condition, easily applicable techniques for early detection are lacking. By applying CE-MS methodology, we successfully identified a set of urinary polypeptides that can distinguish between patients with left ventricular diastolic dysfunction that are at risk for developing HF and healthy subjects.

In line with several of our recent studies demonstrating the potential of urinary proteomics in the (early) detection of chronic kidney disease/diabetic nephropathy, coronary artery disease, and stroke, these new results support our ultimate goal, to identify an array of diseases at an early point in time, based on urinary proteomics.

One of our major aims is to now combine the data from the different studies, to unravel the underlying molecular pathophysiology of these diseases.

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