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MASCARA-BASE as central data and knowledge management platform in EU-MASCARA.
Thursday, May 31, 2012
MASCARA-BASE as central data and knowledge management platform in EU-MASCARA.

Vienna, Austria – May 31, 2012 – MASCARA-BASE, a customized version of emergentec’s software platform “BASE”, is now introduced in the European Union FP7 project EU-MASCARA. BASE serves as central data and knowledge sharing platform for supporting the integrative opportunities emerging out of the project.

BASE specifically enables handling and integration of the broad data space generated in EU-MASCARA, spanning the whole range from molecular profiling to clinical data. “We are delighted to offer BASE to EU-MASCARA”, said Bernd Mayer, managing partner at emergentec, adding that “BASE will on the one hand be used to support communication and project management, and at the same time for consolidating research data for enabling integrative analysis in the realm of Systems Medicine”.

About emergentec biodevelopment
emergentec biodevelopment GmbH, established in 2002, is providing software solutions, know-how and services for data management, integration and analysis tailored at guiding the development of improved diagnostics and therapeutics in the realm of stratified medicine. See for further details.

About emergentec.BASE (
BASE is dedicated to Life Sciences content handling, specifically supporting data storage, retrieval and relations modeling in a most flexible and user friendly fashion. BASE is specifically tailored for addressing the highly heterogeneous data space in Life Sciences – where systematic integration of large scale molecular data sets with patient-specific clinical data is a promising way to go for improving diagnosis, prognosis, and tailored therapy.