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EU-MASCARA @ ESH 2012, London
Thursday, May 10, 2012
EU-MASCARA @ ESH 2012, London
EU-MASCARA Investigators and approximately 6,000 other researchers from Europe and around the world attended the 22nd European Meeting on Hypertension and Cardiovascular Protection from 26th to 29th April in London, UK

For the first time there was a dedicated session on European research initiatives that highlighted the role of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) in supporting research and attracting significant EU funding. The session started with presentations of recipients of ESH Fellowships. These were followed by a presentation by Prof. Alberto Zanchetti, coordinator of the FP6 Network of Excellence "InGenious HyperCare" who gave an overview of the achievements of this programme. Dr Christian Delles, Project Manager of EU-MASCARA outlined the concepts and aims of EU-MASCARA and showed the links to InGenious HyperCare and the ESH. The session was concluded by a presentation by Dr Virginija Dambrauskaite, Scientific Officer for Cardiovascular Research at the European Commission, who provided delegates with information about current and future EU funding of medical and particularly of cardiovascular research.

Prof. Anna Dominiczak, coordinator or EU-MASCARA and Chair of the ESH Programme Committee said, "Members of the ESH are ideally suited to apply for joint funding of programmes that will help to improve the health of people in Europe and worldwide. We are grateful to the European Commission for their support of initiatives such as InGenious HyperCare and EU-MASCARA that are closely linked to the ESH's own research interests."