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Novel idea from an EUMASCARA partner! INCLIVA group brings together genomic and metabolomic profiles associated to microalbuminuria.
Tuesday, Jul 1, 2014
"Genomic and metabolomic profile associated to microalbuminuria"
Authors: Marrachelli VG, Monleon D, Rentero P, Mansego ML, Morales JM, Galan I, Segura R, Martinez F, Martin-Escudero JC, Briongos L, Marin P, Lliso G, Chaves FJ, Redon J.
PLoS One. 2014 Jun 11;9(2):e98227.

The excretion of small amounts of the protein albumin (microalbuminuria) is a hallmark of many renal diseases but also a sign of small vessel disease that is often seen in patients with cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and heart failure. It remains unclear why some patients develop microalbuminuria and others seem to be protected from this condition. In this paper the Valencia group have brought together genetic data and metabolomic data to find specific molecular patterns that are associated with microalbuminuria. The group have developed a novel way to study the relationship between genes, metabolites and a cardiovascular trait such as microalbuminuria and identified two genetic factors that are associated with the risk of developing microalbuminuria.